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Burger King Company Article and Summary

Burger King Company Article and Summary

Burger King Company Survey and Summary

This report is approximately the Burger king, a leading chain of fast food industry. This report is approximately its all strategies which they have used to handle their organization in Middle East. Burger king is considered among the major junk food chain on the planet. Among its top opponents happen to be McDonaldA?A?s and WendyA?A?s. Burger king as a multinational organization expanding its business in the Middle East. The main goal of this report can be to analyse its current approaches in the Middle East.


The Burger King and the Olayan group Cheap acquired joined hands along to open a new fast food industry in the Saudi Arabia and the Arab Middle East since early 1990A?A?s.

The olayan financing company owns and operates the next establishments:-

? HANA intercontinental Co Ltd. (HANA), the expert franchisee of the Burger king in the gulf countries such as buy rogaine online for example Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan and in addition works the Burger king Middle East assistance for the restaurants of Arab countries.

? Olayan Food Service Company (OFS), the Burger king franchisee for Saudi Arabia.

? First Food Service Company (FFS), the Burger King Franchisee for United Arab prevacid 30mg price Emirates.

Olayan opened its first of all cafe in Riyadh in 1992. By the finish of 2003, they opened more than 120 eating places in Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. They contain made a commitment to Middle Eastern buyers to provide superior quality products, decision, value for money, service and convenience.

PESTEL Analysis

Political factors

In the center east of the universe, all muslim countries exist. So, burger king has particular concerns in the these countries concerning foodstuff etc. As burger king is quite favorite in these countries, nonetheless they need to pay corporation tax as a foreign company. Besides this, federal government has made a qouta of region natinals as employees in the burger king. According to government insurance plan, they must provide 100% halal meat and fresh supplies of vegetarian obat nizoral foods. Consequently burger king is considering all these major problems and performing well.

Economical Factors

As slowdown hits all of the world and inflation amount is high in all over world, burger king is trying to control its prices and concentrating on packaging foods. Burger king has very good oppurtunities to get very good revenue in middle east as fast food service is getting favorite among these countries. For example, dubai is definitely a hub is business and most of the persons Order are busy and that’s the reason they look for junk food services or we can say quick service eating places.

Social Factors

Burger king is actually targetting at children and business class persons. In U.A good.E, they have opened up all of their restaurants in the malls and near to business centres. For kids , they have specifically made kids zones. Today they have released Back-to A?A?School promotional plan as a http://www.reisen-und-familie.de/details.php/13196 way to attract more kids an they are also giving some toys and games along with certain meals.

Burger king can be considering healthy food for folks.

Another thing, they are also taking into consideration muslim festivals and opening their restaurants according with their timings. They also use halal meat and don’t use any pork meats and unwanted fat as muslim people usually do not eat pork.

Technological Factors

As technological changes are raising, burger king is also following new technologies. Retail tills and micros are used for billing. They include introduced their internet site www.burgerking-me.com/uae which can be operated in engleish along with arabi or additional languages of middle east. Through this web site, people can examine the menu and plans etc. Home delivery solutions are also provided in these countries.

Environmental Factors

Burger king has particular waste control programmes for these countries as these countries emphasize on cleaning. Instead of that they have their own recycling methods.

Legal Factors

As muslim country follow sheria laws, so they did not enforce any taxes on the homes. Healthy food is a primary legal issue here. 100% Halal meat is actually considered in the food


Quadrant:-1) Market Penetration:-

Existing Product in the prevailing Market

? Burger King can be second after McDonaldA?A?s in competition. Burger King features 50 years knowledge in this field. Burger King must attract existing customers since it is very cheaper than attracting new ones.

? Burger King needs to promote their burgers through the use of advertisement in rural area. Because in Middle East peopleA?A?s are not very conscious about diet plan of European Countries.

? Burger King must employ more intensive distribution most areas like:- Egypt, Oman etc. To market their burgers and rates ought to be low.

? Because of using large scale advertisement Burger King likewise attract non-users to eat burgers.

? Give free home delivery to their customers. Because of this sale should be increased.

Quadrant:-2) Product Expansion:-

New Products in the Existing Markets

? Burger King must employ of excess production potential to provide new style burgers.

? Burger King really wants to launch new burgers want:- Chicken- grilled burgers, Flame-grilled burgers in Middle East pills online because in this world people eat that varieties of products.

? Menu should be changed to launch Kebab burgers, Sheep burgers and variety of Halal burgers.

? Burger King guard overall market share by giving variety of burgers to their consumers.

Quadrant:-3) Market Development:-

Existing Products in the New Markets

? Burger Purchase King launches a couple of restaurants in every month in different locations to expand business.

? Burger KingA?A?s primary matto is usually A?A?HAVE IT YOUR MethodA?A?. Burger King launches in Dubai Mall which is definitely largest shopping mall in the world. Such as this new restaurants should be opened in different shopping malls customers will be acquired burgers throughout their shopping hours.

? In United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Egypt etc. Burger King should be opened up in Airports. Travellers will come articulo 194 to be buy burgers.

Quadrant:-4) Diversification:-

New Products in the brand new Markets

? People are now more health conscious so give top quality burgers to their customers. So give innovative products and spend extra on Purchase Research and Expansion.

? Launched light foods, Whopper goods served in oat meal bun to health mindful customers.

? Fresh and complete selection of delightful salads like:- Backyard salad, Grilled chicken salad with variety of dressings.

? Also launched variety of seafood like:- Shrimp Sandwich Benefit meal, big fish value meal etc. For his or her Islamic Order Buyers in Capitals of every region of Middle East.

SWOT Analysis


? Wide selection of products

? Fast and efficient service as they have purchase giving and buy picking stations separately

? Innovative products like whopper a charbroiled burger, set items from breakfast menu aswell.


? Weak marketing campaigns

? Inconsistency in quality food criteria and poor maintenance of some burger king stores.


Expansion far away or opening new restaurants in the same countries is the greatest chance 1000 word paper of the burger king. The possibility to expand is quite promising and company can be getting advantages from expansion (Burger King total annual report-2007).


? Intense competition in good sense of pricing, product development and growth strategies

? Consumer health goals as burger kingA?A?s food aren’t considered as healthy or diet foodstuff.


In purchase to expand more consumers and to expand the business of the burger king, the company should explore further brand-new markets in the centre East. By exploring brand-new markets, burger king can contend with how to find molar mass of an element McDonaldA?A?s and WendyA?A?s. The company also needs to invest in research and production. One major way to obtain differentiation is the companyA?A?s innovative products. So as to remain competitive and also to attract clients, burger king must concentrate on developing new products.

Critical Success Factors

One critical success component for burger king is definitely its ability to remain competitive and enterprise should work with all its means to compete and really should be able to gain competitive edge. Differentiation is the key strategy in the cafe industry as product or service could be copied easily.

Another element is to broaden it branches far away. The advertising and marketing programmes ought to be http://paintsupplyco.com/revista-somos-online/ launched in order to attract clients.


Burger king functions in a highly competitive environment in the centre East. The amount of opponents to burger king is quite great and there are various other factors that affect the business. While its rivals are employing nearly the same approaches that burger king is certainly employing, it is crucial to build a point of difference that will set burger king aside from them. Burger king is well known for its ground breaking and quality products, excessive standard services and operational excellence. So that you can remain competitive, burger king must distinguish itself from its competitors. This can be performed through differentiation of products. It must also explore new markets and take good thing about new prospects. Burger king must maintain its global point of view and continue with its Order market expansion strategies. The changing consumer preferences and requirements to be satisfied. To carry out that, burger king must create a diverse products.

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